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Cash is giving prominence in pursuit of other payment alternatives. And this that happens in the world, also has its correlation in Argentina, where virtual wallets enjoy high acceptance and add a greater number of users every day. From the Insights Division of the consulting firm Kantar put figures to the matter: 6 out of 10 adults recently made a financial transaction through their cell phone. Of those who already used their phone as a purse:. Transporting cash is uncomfortable and insecure. Instead, virtual wallets are practical, easy to use, increasingly accepted and allow you to make transactions with discounts on several items, they say from Kantar. In this context of fertile land for the growth of electronic money, options began to flourish that fight to gain prominence in a segment that has as a pioneer and leader of Mercado Pago, the wallet of the company led by Marcos Galperín. These are some of the numbers that give an account of his good present:.

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Los costes adicionales solo afectan al abacera, que ha de pagar un acordado porcentaje del importe de la cesión al proveedor de la plataforma de pago online. Para poder utilizar levante servicio, suele ser necesario que baza el gestor de la tienda online como el usuario tengan una cuenta con el proveedor que ofrezca levante servicio de pago. Durante el registro, muy sencillo, se han de alimentar datos personales o comerciales y la información bancaria.

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SafeChargea Nuvei company, is the payment advantage partner that enables merchants to become adult locally and globally through just individual integration. It provides global omni-channel compensation services, from card acquiring to compensation processing and checkout, all underpinned as a result of advanced risk management solutions. This abundant featured proprietary payment platform connects absolutely to all major payment card schemes including Visa, Mastercard, American Express after that UnionPay, as well as over específico payment methods. With offices around the world, SafeCharge serves a diversified, azure chip client base and is a trusted payment partner for customers athwart a range of vertical markets. Another payment methods. All the payment methods mentioned under Payment Methods. Connected companies.